About Our Lessons

The goal of our instructors is to provide the essential information needed to play better golf. Having a plan allows the student a convenient reference tool and the opportunity to track habits for effective practice. We use imagery and portray feelings, which focus your mind and allow your swing to work without being overloaded with too much theory. Our state of the art technology allows for immediate feedback ensuring the student uses their time spent effectively and proficiently.

Performance Tools


 V1  Digital Coaching

V1 Pro Analysis Software allows students to relate to the fact vs. feel elements of swing improvements. We are able to capture, compare and improve any aspect of the swing with our 3-camera system.


Flight ScopeFlightScope® is a great learning and practicing tool for golfers which feature rich Flightscope applications that allow you to improve your game in a number of ways:

  • Determine the exact distances of each club in your bag using the club comparison table.
  • Use the grouping view to identify problem areas in your game. Are you missing greens and fairways? Use the grouping view to tighten your shot dispersion.
  • Use the club analysis screen to work on your swing path, angle of attack, swing speed, club acceleration at impact and extension through the ball.
  • Flightscope gives you all the tools to build a repeatable swing you can trust.

Combine a V 1 Pro video recording as part of the FlightScope data set to enable visual feedback that relates to club and ball data.