Golf Practice

Whether you would like to have a private lesson or just want to practice your golf game, you can come in to use the PGA Golf Simulator technology to monitor and track your session.

You can set the simulator up as a driving range, or for chipping and pitching. After each shot the screen will show you everything you need to know about your swing and ball flight, including; tempo, ball spin and arc, club head speed as well as the clubface position at time of impact.  You can see the shape of your shot and measure your consistency with each club.

You will get much more feedback about your swing than you ever would at any outdoor driving range, all in the comfort of our private golf rooms.

Here is a quote from Bill Bales, aboutGolf’s CEO: “The simulator is the ultimate launch monitor.  The goal of About Golf, in addition to having fun, is to apply simulator technology in ways that will help golfers improve their games. We do not see ourselves competing with golf courses. In fact, in-season, just as much as the offseason, this is where you go to get good at golf. The course is where you go to play golf.”

Come in and give it a try for yourself, you won't regret it.

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